Ted Cruz Fires Back At CNN After They Take Shot At His Healthcare Amendment

Ted Cruz didn’t make it happen during his presidential run in 2016 but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t serve a critical role.

He’s one of the few conservatives left in Congress and he’s been doing a killer job of advancing conservatism with his large platform.

His recent amendment to the GOP healthcare bill is a great example of that.

For some strange reason, CNN thought it would be fun to take a little jab at Cruz’s amendment.

Sen. Ted Cruz took a swipe at CNN on Thursday after it shared a link to a story about the Senate healthcare reform bill with a tweet that teased his “so-called Consumer Freedom amendment.”

“Weird … my search for tweets from CNN mentioning the ‘so-called Affordable Care Act’ turned up no results,” Cruz said in response, adding a link to the Twitter search.


Nailed it. As usual.

Who does CNN think it is?

That network literally has zero credibility at this point and they are complaining about Cruz trying to fix the Obamacare disaster?

Source: Young Conservatives