Trump Met With the Powerful in Paris, But His Most Important Meeting Was With Old American Heroes

Donald and Melania Trump visited Paris this week. The first family was welcomed with full state honors by the French government, complete with a red carpet, military parade, and full review. Trump and his team conducted wide-ranging meetings with top French political and military officials, assembled by new French president Emmanuel Macron.

Melania continued her tradition of visiting children’s hospitals abroad and paid a visit to the sick children of Necker Hospital, where she even spoke French to some of the children. Melania and the first lady of France toured the Notre Dame cathedral and took a boat tour of the Seine river.

The first families of France and America visited the Tomb of Napoleon, dined at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and were present at a Bastille Day celebration in the heart of Paris Friday morning.

However, the most important and arguably most powerful moment of the entire trip revolved around a little-covered speech that Donald Trump gave to the staff of the U.S. Embassy in France. Gathered at the embassy were families of Embassy workers and 200 American military personnel stationed there.

There were also three guests of honor In the crowd who deserved and received a true hero’s welcome. Mr. Donald Cobb (USS Murphy), Mr. Steven Melnikoff (29th Infantry) and Mr. Joseph Reilly (101st Airborne) had all served to liberate France on D-Day, storming the Nazi-held beaches of Normandy over 70 years ago.

The three American heroes were still able to stand and be recognized when President Trump said of them, “these are real heroes … these courageous men helped to liberate this continent and win the war.”

After his remarks, the president and the first lady went down into the crowd and shook the hands of the World War II veterans, thanking them for their service.

Cobb, Reilly, and Melnikoff also took photos with the military staff of the embassy afterward.

Were it not for men like this, France as we know it may not exist today. The Greatest Generation, now landing in France not to gunshot and flak cannons, but to a hero’s welcome from a grateful nation.

Source: Conservative Daily