Right After Melania Was Ridiculed For Her Shoes, She Got The ULTIMATE Revenge

Honestly y’all, I do not know why leftists love to go after Melania. She’s a businesswoman, model, and immigrant, for cryin’ out loud! You’d think they’d love her. But in reality, they never miss a chance to put the First Lady down.

The president and his wife were visiting Texas to visit the victims of Hurricane Harvey and see how the relief effort was playing out on the ground on Tuesday. The media, always looking to find something bad about anything the president does, for some reason picked up on the shoes Melania was wearing.

Melania was wearing stiletto heels. Honestly, I think she looks great. But the peanut gallery on the left always has something to say:



These are just a couple examples of MANY. Now put this in perspective. Melania was a model. She is used to wearing heels, in fact, she wears heels practically every time she’s photographed outside. It’s her style, it’s what she’s comfortable in. Would I wear those heels? NO. I would fall on my face in them within three steps. But if Melania can do it, more power to her.

Melania’s Communications Director Stephanie Grisham pushed back with this awesome statement in an email to Fox News:

“It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes.”

TOTALLY right. Maybe all these haters should concentrate on the important things, instead of new ways to mock out the first family.

Source: Liberty Writers