Black Woman Waves Confederate Flag, Just Stuck It To Libs In Video That Went Viral

Since politically correct liberals have started to remove Confederate monuments, the debate over the Confederate flag and other associated symbols has reached a boiling point in the South and beyond.

The liberl-biased mainstream media likes to claim that African-Americans are uniform in knee-jerk opposition to the Confederate flag, but one black woman named Karen Cooper has proved that it’s definitely not the case.

Cooper is a former member of the Nation of Islam and previously lived in New York state. However, she made a big life change and ended up moving to Virginia. When asked about why she moved to the South from New York in the 2016 documentary Battle Flag, Cooper responded, “I felt more welcomed in the South.” She said about the North, “they claim they like black people,” but in fact she found that the South was more welcoming to her. She explained, “I came down here, and we were more together. People waved to me that I’d never known!”


Karen is now a member of the Virginia Flaggers a group of  “citizens of the Commonwealth who stand AGAINST those who would desecrate our Confederate Monuments and memorials, and FOR our Confederate Veterans.” She says she flies the Confederate flag to resist the federal government, saying, “I feel I’m a slave now because the federal government does control me. I can’t smoke what I want to smoke. I can’t drink what I want to drink. If I want to put something into my body, it’s my body, not theirs. That’s tyranny!”

She said that she is happy to defy stereotypes about African-Americans and those who take pride in waving the Confederate flag, stating, “I know what people think about when they see the battle flag: the KKK, racism, bringing slavery back. So I knew it would be something for people to see a black woman with the battle flag. How can it be racist if I’m out there with them?” Are you glad this woman is standing up for her beliefs against closed-minded liberals? Watch below:

Source: Conservative 101