PBS Forced to Shut Down Hillary Award Show After Facebook Slams Them With Brutal Comments

Earlier this month the Women’s National Democratic Club presented failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with a “Democratic Woman of the Year Award” — and for reasons yet unknown, PBS reportedly decided to air the presentation live on its Facebook page.

Bad choice.

PBS’ livestream wound up being inundated with angry comments from viewers who were livid over the network’s decision.

“Hillary Clinton suffered a humiliating election defeat because she was the most corrupt candidate in history!” wrote user Donald Albright, whose comment can still be seen on PBS’ post here.

As of Tuesday morning Albright’s comment had over 1000 likes.

“She a liar and a cheater,” wrote another user, Nichole Lynn O’Brien. “This is who democrat women and girls want as a role model? That’s really sad and disgusting. Wow.”

Her comment had almost 300 likes:

What’s odd is that about 44 minutes into the presentation, PBS decided to shut down its live-stream and direct viewers to its YouTube channel.

And interestingly enough, comments at its YouTube page happened to be disabled.


Sensitive much, are we?

But quite frankly, its viewers had a point about the sham presentation, during which Clinton reportedly complained for over 50 minutes straight about the Trump administration’s policies and about the 1,001+ reasons she lost the election.

“Over 55 minutes, Mrs. Clinton criticized the Trump administration’s ‘cavalier’ approach to its dealings with Iran, attacked the administration’s apparent willingness to embrace Russia amid accusations of meddling in the election, discussed her approval ratings, promoted her election memoir and lamented a toxic environment for women across industries, especially in her own,” The New York Times reported.

Cry me a river, lady. Well, actually, given how long she’s been complaining about her election loss, I suspect she could cry me a whole ocean.

Let’s be honest here: This woman didn’t deserve a “Woman of the Year Award,” especially given that she rigged the Democrat primary, cost the Democrats the presidential election and funded a fake dossier on President Donald Trump.

She’s a charlatan and a fraud — and for choosing to air her sham award show, some people likely think the same about PBS as well.

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Source: Conservative Tribune