Report: Mueller’s FBI Scandal Leaks, Then Explodes – Even Democrats Demand His Resignation

Most patriotic Americans know that President Trump did not work with the Russians. Only the Democrats, still wincing from their loses, and the biased liberal media, want you to believe it.

They even produced a bogus dossier to compel the FBI into a witch hunt of an investigation.

But what they didn’t want you to know was the man leading this investigation, Robert Mueller, is hardly an impartial figure.

In recent weeks, news has come out that during his time in the FBI, he was involved in a dubious scandal and coverup.

Just what did he cover up? Oh nothing, just a bribery scheme—perpetrated by the Russians.

Now we are to believe he’s going to be impartial in this recent investigation? Give me a break.

People on both sides of the aisle are now demanding a change.

From The Wall Street Journal:

After the Cold War, in its own interest, the U.S. wanted to build bridges to the Russian nuclear establishment. The Putin government, for national or commercial purposes, agreed and sought to expand its nuclear business in the U.S…

Now we learn that, before and during these transactions, the FBI had uncovered a bribery and kickback scheme involving Russia’s U.S. nuclear business, and also received reports of Russian officials seeking to curry favor through donations to the Clinton Foundation.

This criminal activity was apparently not disclosed to agencies vetting the 2010 transfer of U.S. commercial nuclear assets to Russia. The FBI made no move to break up the scheme until long after the transaction closed…

The agency, when Mr. Mueller headed it, soft-pedaled an investigation highly embarrassing to Mrs. Clinton as well as the Obama Russia reset policy…

Which means that Mr. Mueller has the means, motive and opportunity to obfuscate and distract from matters embarrassing to the FBI, while pleasing a large part of the political spectrum. He need only confine his focus to the flimsy, disingenuous but popular (with the media) accusation that the shambolic Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin.

If the Wall Street Journal is outing for Mueller over his dirty deeds, you know the situation is ballooning out of control.

Contrary to what the left has been preaching for months, there was a Russia scandal. It happened seven years ago, when Obama and Clinton allowed a huge sale with the country, while Russian agents were bribing officials.

Mueller’s FBI covered up the details, so Congress wouldn’t axe the deal. Now we are learning that Mueller probably did this to protect the FBI’s reputation, and to cover the last administration’s rear.

And this is the man leading the current investigation?

Talk of Russia meddling has been going on for months, with zero evidence to be found. It’s high time Mueller was kicked to the curb and this investigation over a bogus dossier put to an end.

Because from here on out, it’s only going to get worse for the democrats.

Source: Wall Street Journal