CASE CLOSED: James Comey Surprised Everyone With What He Said About Trump Minutes Ago

Today James Comey officially released his statements about Trump before his public hearing tomorrow. The media has been talking about how it makes Trump “look bad” and “seem petty.”

What they are NOT telling you is the HUGE thing James Comey personally put in his statement that RUINS all the accusations against the President…

Comey said President Trump did NOT ask him to drop the investigation into Russia or his campaign.

Comey was discussing his dinner with Trump where the President allegedly asked him to stop investigating Michael Flynn if possible. The quote was:

“I had understood the President to be requesting that we drop any investigation of Flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in December. I did NOT understand the President to be talking about the broader investigation into Russia or possible links with his campaign.“

And I’m sure you all remember when the media started an HELLSTORM by claiming Donald Trump asked James Comey if he was being investigated BEFORE Comey told him.


According to Comey’s own statement, he volunteered to tell President Trump that information during their January 6th meeting without Trump ever asking.

So there you have it. The left has nothing. The worst ex-Director Comey can do now is make the president look like a tough guy but NOT a criminal. Help share the truth out to everyone. The evidence is here, straight from Comey himself, so get the word out.

Source : Liberty Writers

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