Eric Trump Just SHOCKED His Father With What He Said In This Epic Rant Going Viral

Eric Trump was so flaming mad last night on the Sean Hannity show that he said that Democrats are “not even people” and he has “never see hatred like this.” He then went in on the Democratic party anymore.

“They’re imploding,” Trump told Sean Hannity on Tuesday. “They have no message. You see the head of the (Democratic National Committee), who is a total whack job.”


He then ripped into them even harder.

“They lost the election that they should have won because they spent seven times the amount of money that my father spent. They have no message so what do they try and do? They try and obstruct a great man, they try and obstruct his family, they come after us viciously, and its truly, truly horrible,” Trump said.

Here’s the last best clip.

Eric Trump is running his father’s business while his father is President. Share this if you think that Eric Trump is 100% right about the Democrats!

They have no message. Let’s send them a message from the Trump train. WE the people are going to beat the Democrats again and again and again. They do not represent the majority of Americans anymore.

Source: Liberty Writers

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