SPICEY! Media Hits Sean with “SET UP” Question, Immediately REGRET IT! Classic!

No job on the planet could be more challenging than being White House Press Secretary for President Donald J. Trump.  Sean Spicer is not just up for the challenge.  Sean crushes it.

(Video Below)

Look what happens when a reporter tries to “get” Spicer with a negative comment about President Trump’s “tweeting” and a negative comment Republican Senator Mitch McConnell made about his tweets.

(Video Below)

Watch a little smile develop on Spicer’s face right before answering that question.  He was just waiting for them to ask that question.  Awesome!  Watch and SHARE with fellow Patriots!    (Video Below)

BOOM!  In your FACE Crooked Liberal Media!


** Are you fed up with all the “entitled” liberals and lying Democrats attacking the President of the United States while they think, themselves, are above the law?

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One thought on “SPICEY! Media Hits Sean with “SET UP” Question, Immediately REGRET IT! Classic!

  • June 7, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Right on Sean Spicer, there is mud in there face. Expose these phonies for what they are, spinning there web of lies and trying to spoon feed the Public. We are not amused News people and you are like farts in the wind , a big stink but just nothing to write home about. We take little value in what you say or write and far as we are concerned most Honest Journalism , is dead. We feel President Trumps tweets gives us a true picture of the real facts. Who cares what others might think, as they are annoyed that he will give us the scoop on what is really going on. Hannity and Judge Jeanine , Tucker and true Patriots , are fighting along side of you , President Trump , plus us deplorable s . The world is watching and they are getting the true picture that we have a awesome President , who is willing to fight and win to keep our Freedom. We will not Run, Hide and Tell like the Londoners , posting signs, to inform there people who are living in fear of there lives. God Bless America and President Donald Trump for giving up his twilight years of luxury and less stress to be our Champion.


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